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Climb Stopper (ABD-3)

There are situations where a vessel is under threat while lying at anchor, or even when lying alongside a dock inside a harbour. In these instances, the captain needs to have some sort of deterrent that can be activated immediately, and which does not rely on the ship’s speed through the water for its effectiveness.

Vessel Protection Systems has produced a non-lethal deterrent called the CLIMB STOPPER.
A stainless steel tank of 220 litres is placed in a convenient location, and filled with Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray). To this tank is fitted a pair of electric pumps, which pressurise 22mm pipes, permanently led along the outside of the bulwarks at main deck level, guarding the ship around the stern and along each side to the bow. In these pipes are fitted nozzles at 2 metre intervals, which supply a spray which overlaps.

Any intruder trying to climb the ship’s side is soaked with the pepper spray in a matter of seconds, and will no longer be capable of playing any part in the boarding exercise. The electric control of the pumps can be wired to any point on the ship, so that the device can be activated from inside the ship, protecting the crew from exposure.The unit is fitted with a rinse capability to enable tests to be run on a regular basis, and the nozzles are fitted with non-return valves, which close at a pressure of 0.8 bar, allowing the system to pressurise very quickly when the pumps are activated.The 220 litre tank allows the nozzles to spray continuously for a period of 2minutes, but as the system can be turned on for short bursts by fitting an interrupter.This product can be linked to an infra red ‘beam barrier’ set up along the side decks and after deck, allowing the system to activate automatically if an intruder tries to gain access to the deck from a small boat. This system is an inexpensive and sure way to prevent thieves from boarding a vessel in port or at anchor. It could possibly be used at sea as well, depending on wind.


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- Climb Stopper (ABD 3)
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