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1.  Anti Boarding Device (ABD-1)

In order to use some of the most effective measures available at this time in history, but without utilising fatal and possibly illegal force, Vessel Protection Systems has developed a product labelled the ANTI BOARDING DEVICE, and the company has patented the device under that name. Razor wire has been shown to be a fairly effective deterrent, despite some shortcomings.

Multiple canisters are fastened, port and starboard, to the outside of the ship’s rail or bulwark, and strapped in place using stainless steel hooks, the canisters should be 15 – 18 metres apart. When activated, the canisters each jettison 20 metres of razor wire, which is swept aft by the ship’s speed through the water. The multiple lengths of wire form parallel diagonal moving barriers, stretching from the rail on the main deck to the waterline. Once the ADBs are deployed, the pirate skiffs will find it very difficult to come alongside, and if they do manage to do so, they will find multiple moving and unstable coils of wire that have to be crossed to gain the deck.

Each canister ignites an orange smoke flare below it, perfectly legal in a ‘Mayday’ situation, and captains may also request the fitting of tear gas canisters, which would further disorientate and deter would be boarders. The canisters can be stored in the bosun’s locker, and can be easily fitted before entering the areas that the captain feels are dangerous. The canisters are robust, the razor wire has been treated for rust, and they are designed to last up to 4 years without service. The system can be activated manually or remotely.

Captains using the Anti Boarding Device are urged to follow the advice of the Euroforce navies when attacked, i.e. turn the ships head into sea and wind, and increase speed if possible. In this way the razor wire will move more because of the wave action, and the orange smoke and tear gas will move down the side of the ship, and not be blown aboard.This device is obviously designed to be used by a ship making way through the water.

- Anti Boarding Device 1

- Anti Boarding Device 2
- Climb Stopper (ABD 3)
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