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VESSEL PROTECTION SYSTEMS was formed in 2010 in order to produce Self Protection Methods of deterring pirates from boarding ships under way, at anchor or in port. Both directors of the company, John Beadon and Henry Hiddes are very experienced seamen, and have used their combined 60 years of sea going experience to create “Self Protection Measures” for ships, products that are seamanlike and workable, and that will withstand the rigors of shipboard use.

To help combat the surge in piracy at sea, VESSEL PROTECTION SYSTEMS has produced and patented 3 products. These products are non-lethal systems designed to deter pirates from boarding vessels either under way, or lying at anchor. Our products are robust, unobtrusive, and can be fitted to most vessels. They are also inexpensive and long lasting.


- Anti Boarding Device 1

- Anti Boarding Device 2
- Climb Stopper (ABD 3)
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Multiple canisters are fastened, port and starboard, to the outside of the ship’s rail or bulwark, and strapped in place using stainless steel hooks, the canisters should be 15 – 18 metres apart. When activated, the canisters each jettison 20 metres of razor wire, which is swept aft by the ship’s speed through the water.
An adaption of the Anti Boarding Devices, designed to be used across the stern of a tug, or to protect line handling apertures on larger ships.